September 26 - 29, 2021 | Virtual


Program Overview

The Future is now

SCDM’s 2021 Annual Conference is a place for the world’s clinical data management industry to reflect on the future. That is why our conference theme is “Future Now: v2.021”. Attendees expect to see cutting edge content that will raise the bar of excellence in the profession.
A glance to some of the sessions that the Conference Co-Chairs are preparing:
Main Stage

Panel Discussion facilitated by the Session Chair who guides the panel and the audience through the topic.

Forum Stage

Roundtable Discussion featuring a flexible format to presentations.

Ignite Stage

Fast-paced sessions designed to generate awareness and stimulate discussion.

Story Lab

2-3 case studies themed around the same scenario/ issue and told as engaging stories.

Podium Stage

Oral Presentation, which consist of 3-4 presenters per session covering practical, skills-based content.

Future Now: v2.021